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No, not at all. The soft-cloth equipment that is used is maintained regularly to assure a damage-free car wash. Ducky’s uses the exact amount of soaps and cleaners to assure your vehicle is washed without scratches and damage.
A:- No!! Dirt that collects in the wash water in your bucket, sponges, and chamois will scratch the paint. The wash water at Ducky’s Car Wash cleans cars better, faster, and safer. Also, hand washings can consume 2-5 times the amount of water compared to Ducky’s Car Wash. In addition, soaps and waxes used at Ducky’s are biodegradable and are handled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
A:- Yes, convertible tops are no problem. The soft-cloth technology Ducky’s uses is safe on all vehicles.
A:- It depends. Personal preference, where you drive your car and where you park your car are just a few of the variables that you must take into consideration. When cars are subjected to contaminants such as pesticides, sand, salt, and industrial fallout (airplane and train residue), we recommend that your car be washed weekly to protect your cars delicate finish.
A:- You can’t afford not to protect your investment.Next to your home, your car is your second most valuable asset. Ducky’s offers safe, high quality car washes and waxes at affordable prices.
A:- Ultra Shine Triple Clear Coat is an application of three clear coat cleaners and paint protectors applied as the car goes through the car wash. No extra time is needed for it to be applied. It provides protection in-between hand waxing from damaging elements such as UV rays, smog/pollution, road salt, etc.
A:- Depending on the size of the vehicle, it can usually be performed in about 30 minutes. This type of Express Hand Waxing will protect your vehicles finish for approximately 2 to 3 months. An Exterior Detail costs a little more and takes more time, but will last much longer than the ordinary hand wax, usually 8 to 12 months.
A:- Clear coat paints make it more difficult to determine when your vehicle needs waxing. It may need attention far sooner than its appearance would indicate. When in doubt, there are two simple tests to try to determine when your vehicle needs waxing: First, wad a clean,dry terry cloth, and rub it along a clean upper surface of your vehicle’s hood or trunk. If you hear squeaking, that’s a sure sign that the vehicle needs waxing. Second, run your fingertips along the upper surfaces of your vehicles hood and trunk. If you detect rough spots or feel drag, you also know your vehicle needs waxing. The best course of action is to get on a regular maintenance schedule. Ducky’s can suggest a schedule that is right for your vehicle.
A:- Yes. Gift certificates can be purchased at any of the car wash locations. They are available in any dollar amount and can be used at any of our car wash locations. Ducky’s also sells pre-paid car wash booklets in the amounts of 5, 10 and 25 car washes. Each of these are great ideas for Holiday gift giving, birthdays, promotions, etc.
A:- No. Ducky’s is a privately owned and operated corporation. The name and logo are protected under federal trademark protection. Steve Munkdale, President of Ducky’s, had a vision in 1993 to change the way consumers thought about car washing and give the Bay Area something much better than what was being offered. As of now, Ducky’s has not chosen to franchise its look or concept.